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Posts tagged mobile app development

Native App Development for Businesses

Native app development is the process of creating software programs that run on specific platforms and devices. Today, native mobile app development revolves around creating native apps mostly for iOS and Android devices. These apps are programmed in languages that these particular platforms accept viz. Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C and Swift for […]

Key Benefits of Mobile apps for eComm...

It’s a known fact that creating a mobile app for your eCommerce business can reap loads of benefits! Today mobile eCommerce apps are dominating the market due to the sole reason of them being more convenient and effective than eCommerce websites. Mobile eCommerce apps will not only increase your sales, but also help you strengthen […]

Mobile Development Trends You Must Kn...

New mobile app development trends will keep on evolving and change the way we work.

Improve Mobile Conversion Rate By 40%...

Do you feel your mobile conversion ratio is lagging behind with desktop conversions? You can’t neglect your mobile users which are increasing daily. Mobile conversion rate is the percent of visitors who prefer mobile sites out of the total number of people who saw the site. In this post, we will talk through the verified […]