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Monthly archives for July, 2019

Setting up Stencil Theme with BigComm...

If you are familiar with the ecommerce agency BigCommerce, then you might already know about BigCommerce Stencil Theme development. BigCommerce has implemented a new approach viz. Stencil Framework, with the help of which, developers can create custom interfaces.  What is Stencil? Stencil is one of the next generation ecommerce solutions of BigCommerce, which works as […]

Key Benefits of SaaS Multi-Tenant Arc...

SaaS services have become quite popular in today’s era, right alongside IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Key reasons for the success of SaaS are its efficient architecture and cost-cutting methodologies  that it offers. A SaaS company can gain maximum benefits out of SaaS applications, if they opt for multi-tenant […]