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Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

New to marketing for Instagram? Well, you stepped into the right place in that case. This guide was intended to provide you with details on all the important Instagram marketing requirements 

This blog will discuss the following topics:

  • Starting with Instagram
  • What is Instagram Advertising 
  • How to promote yourself on Instagram 

Starting with Instagram

Instagram has taken social media by storm since its launch in 2010. Since its inception as a simple photo sharing device, Instagram’s loyal users have faithfully followed the app to the tremendous success it’s become today. With more than 22% of young people choosing this app as their preferred social media platforms, Instagram currently touts more than 800 million monthly active users. And on average or more than 60 million photos & images are published here every day, so the app receives more than 1.6 billion daily “likes” from its users.

In fact, a growing number of social media influencers, followed by massive followers, use Instagram to boost their brand name to the best of their abilities. This is a clear sign that Instagram is not just about sharing pictures platform but; it is also a popular access point in terms of social media marketing for businesses too. Instagram marketing is a slightly different channel, and you can make the most of it as well.

What is Instagram marketing

Brands use Instagram to interact with their customers and target audiences in a unique way. Lately, the roster of social media has acquired a huge popularity platform used by businesses to showcase their work culture, hire new applicants, highlight their accomplishments and new products, and interact with their consumers. The only thing that has brought this entire Instagram marketing step to new levels is to introduce new Instagram stories and IGTV. Instead, brands around the world have left no stone unturned to upgrade their live events to the audience!

How to market yourself on Instagram

Despite the generous opportunities the new age platform offers, not all businesses can make the most out of it. If you, as a business owner, want to find immense success on this platform, you need to first learn to grow your followers organically. The ultimate goal here is to attract real, genuine people engaging on your page. 

Starting with organic followers

To get this motion going, here are a handful of guidelines you must follow:

1. Switch to the business profile

Firstly, having a business profile on Instagram rather than a standard user account is mandatory for businesses. The benefits of having a business profile are listed as follows: 

  • To get in touch with you, your followers can automatically click on your contact button. 
  • The business profile of Instagram also allows you to create and publish Instagram ads without using the advertisement tools of Facebook.
  • Instagram has its own suite of analytics tools, called Insights, that provide data about your page’s reach and visibility  

Once you get the hang of these benefits from Instagram, start using them everyday so you can better handle the statistics and catch your audience.

2. Know your target audience well

The essential thing you need to do is to thoroughly research your target audience. Even though it may seem very easy and intuitive, this technique can not be practiced by many.

Understanding your audience is important, because only after this will you be able to create content that specifically fulfills their requirements. By learning the likes of your viewers, you will also know the peak time to post so that your post can reach as many people as possible. Being armed with such dynamic insights into your viewers’ interests, preferences, and behavior can lead the way to an unbeatable Instagram success story. 

To know your audience better, you can either use various online tools or you can rope in the services of a good digital marketing agency.

3. Getting acquainted with your competitors

One of the most important tactics of business is knowing what the competitor is doing. Since you and your competitors share the same set of target audiences let’s conveniently assume that your competitor has done the research well about what the audience wants.  You just have to follow the lead because it is entirely okay to take advantage of this.

Thus, the best way to build a strong follower base is by observing the closest competitors and targeting their audience. Plus, various online tools can assist you in understanding a particular account’s followers, following, likers, and commenters.

4. Stay active and up to date

Staying active on any of the social media handles is directly proportional to engaging your audience. Therefore, social media is all about engaging your users and not just about numbers. 

When you post the right kind of content, it not only attracts more attention from your target audience but it also paves the way to have a casual conversation with them. Posting is one of the best ways to help you gauge your audience better, particularly in terms of feedback. In short, posting regular updates on social media is a great way to ensure that your casual visitors become brand advocates and then finally turn into loyal fans.

The little things that you can do to connect with your audience are answering a user’s query on the comment or simply responding to their DMs (direct messages). This will ensure you develop a deeper relationship with your customers. 

5. Encouraging user-generated content

Encouraging user-generated content is a great way to build an organic and loyal customer base on Instagram in the continuity of a part of the previous. User-generated content, popularly known as UGC in business terms, gives your Instagram marketing strategy the touch of genuineness. In turn, UGC increases your chances of conversion of sales and also helps your website look more humane and welcoming to people.

In addition, a prevalent survey showed that more than 80% of people think that UGC plays a key role as it impacts their buying decision. The research also shows that consumers are significantly more likely to assume that customer-generated content is more trustworthy and credible compared to business brand-generated content.

Instagram lets you make better use of the content generated by the user. The best way to do this is to operate online competitions, which includes asking users to share product reviews or get more influencers (with enough followers) as their brand ambassadors.

6. Posting product teasers

Have you ever wondered if there’s a technique to sell more products online by just posting its images? Well, using Instagram, you can just do that!

This social media platform is an excellent place to advertise your products. And if you know how to play your cards right, you can rest assured that neither will you annoy your users by bombarding them with advertisements nor will you face any chances of losing out on them. It is essential for you to strike this balance out here because the moment users feel you are becoming too pushy, they will unfollow you in the blink of an eye. With the help of a product teaser, you can make sure none of these things happen.

Consequently, a product teaser post is a modest and plain way to talk about your product and get the audience thrilled about it, without looking like you are trying very hard to sell.

Such posts work because they aren’t too pushy and appear to be laid back. Such posts can be used to allure users with discounts and an attractive image of the product so that they are tempted to buy it. This idea is sure to work for all industry types. 

When you post something about the product, you are teasing people about something they are interested in. You are not even pushing them to buy anything, and this tact is likely to pull the trigger and have the customer buy something. And if they don’t buy, at least their likes, shares, and comments will keep your account engaging. 

7. Jumping onto sponsored ads

It is no wonder that Instagram ads are now turning into a top news essence. And the best part about this is that by introducing a set budget, you can effectively control the expenses you need to spend on Instagram ads.

You may view one or more supported ads on Instagram with the aid of the carousel app. Only those who follow your profile could see all the company updates and posts before sponsored ads came into the frame. You can target your audience in a whole new way with this feature.

With the invention of this feature, products can now promote their posts to all accounts (also non-followers) to increase their audience viewership when we talk about brand management.

8. Partnering up with influencers

By influencers, who have already established a loyal customer base with a large fan following, the fastest way to reach a potential customer target is. 

Instagram people purchase products and services that quickly and easily appear on their feed because they are used by the prominent people they are pursuing. They put that person’s faith in them. If you’re working with the right type of Instagram influencers, make sure the brand reaches out to those influencers ‘ followers. This path will start by identifying an ideal influencer with a customer base that is important to the products or services that you deliver.

Besides some short-term gains and product sales that you can make from an influencer’s campaign, you also have some fairly long-term goals to look after. You can create enduring brand awareness with their audience by establishing a stable relationship with the influencer.


Without a doubt, Instagram has dominated the social media world. Instagram has become an overwhelming go – to spot for image sharing with millions of users and billions of views. Retaining all these metrics in mind, don’t forget to keep a gaze on the rate of growth of the followers, brand awareness, and the rate of clicking. If all of this definitely looks too much, you can notify a good digital industry as well.In this day and age, if you do not use social media, you make a major mistake. Social media is a gamechanger for local and global companies alike. In a trustworthy brand management company, you can try the above-mentioned techniques to reach your target, or better rope to look after your entire digital presence. A dedicated digital marketing company will know everything it takes for smaller and larger companies to establish and maintain a vibrant social media market.

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