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Native App Development for Businesses

Native app development is the process of creating software programs that run on specific platforms and devices. Today, native mobile app development revolves around creating native apps mostly for iOS and Android devices. These apps are programmed in languages that these particular platforms accept viz. Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C and Swift for iOS native apps.

Native apps are intuitive, offer excellent user experience and are preferred by users than web apps or hybrid apps due to their speed.

How do Native apps work?

Native mobile applications are supposed to be installed on smart devices via app store (Google Play or Apple’s App store). These apps can access device-specific software and hardware in order to take benefit from modern technologies like your smartphone’s accelerometer, GPS, Camera, Compass, Notifications and so on. Best thing is that, native apps perform efficiently in offline mode as well.

Key Benefits of Native mobile app development include:

  • Reaps maximum benefits out of smartphone’s hardware features
  • Push capabilities
  • Works just as effectively when in offline mode
  • Overall user experience is excellent as its components are well-optimized
  • Data synchronization is flexible
  • Native apps run smoothly and provide true native experience to users
  • Secure, as they don’t rely on third-party frameworks

Building native apps for iOS and Android is a resource-consuming and lengthy procedure, but the hard work pays off with its hi-tech performance and intuitiveness. Bonzer Technologies offer native mobile application development services and has mastered the art of building performance-oriented native apps.

We are armed with adequate talent source and capabilities to serve all your mobile app development needs. With our expertise and remarkable experience, we strive to provide exceptional user experience, meet specific platform standards and fulfill your app development requirements to the best of our ability. We have a team of mobile app development experts onboard that work diligently to design and deploy native apps according to your business needs and niche. Our developers work closely with the customers and make sure the native app development is executed as per client’s specifications.

Our custom mobile applications perform intuitively and seamlessly on dominant operating systems viz. Android and iOS platforms. Bonzertech’s native app development services are deployed as earliest as possible.

Native mobile applications are built through following steps:

  • Start the simulation of native app development
  • Test the native app in targeted platforms/devices viz. Android or iOS
  • Use of dedicated set of tools to automate the mobile app test procedures
  • Run trials on beta devices
  • Deploy code in production after successful trials

Implementing these steps allow us for quicker native app development and deployment.

Not just that, it also helps us eradicate any potential issue that may arise beforehand.

Native apps for Android are built with the help of advanced development tools like Android SDK, Android Jetpack, Firebase and more. Once your native app is ready, you can hand it over to the Google Play Store, so users can download it or buy your app.

Native iOS apps are developed in Swift or Objective-C. As opposed to Android, iOS has closed source code deliberately designed for Apple’s hardware only. We create iOS native apps with the help of iOS SDK resource.

Hybrid App Development

As name suggests, hybrid apps combine the abilities of native mobile apps and flexibility of web apps. Hybrid apps are built with the help of CSS, HTML and JavaScript web technologies. Moreover, users can download them from app store just like native iOS or Android app, as it loads the code using Webview.

Biggest advantage of hybrid app is that it is simple to develop, as you can write the code once and the app will run on multiple OS. Only thing is that you cannot easily customize the app to specific platform as you can do in native app development.

Native iOS and Android app Development Considerations

Bonzer Technologies has to be your one-stop solution for Native iOS and Android application development across every step of the procedure- right from initial idea, design & development, testing to deployment.

We make use of latest testing tools to provide cost-effective, reliable and value-driven app development services to our clients. All of this done with an aim to help businesses get better returns on investments for their mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile application industry is evolving like never before, and Bonzer Technologies pvt. ltd. aims to meet ever-growing demands and resolve challenges that arise in the mobile applications world.