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Mobile Development Trends You Must Know in 2019

Mobile App Development Services

Every year has something new in store for us when it comes down to Mobile App Development.

Mobile App development trends are fleetly evolving and developers need to keep up with new trends and embrace modern approaches.

No doubt, mobile apps are tremendously popular these days and serve as an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to enhance their marketing strategies with it. Apps are making our lives easier and better, whilst generating good revenues as well.

So, here we are going to look at some latest mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2019:

  1. 5G is on the Way

In 2019, we might get to witness 5G Wireless featuring in our smartphones. As an enhancement to the current 4G LTE system, 5G will go one step further and offer seamless user experience to the mobile app market.

Mobile apps that usually take few minutes to download, with 5G, will be downloaded in seconds. You can say it’s almost 100X faster than current 4G systems. Altogether, this expands opportunities for mobile application market.

Not only will 5G Wireless include new functionalities, but it will also enhance security in mobile apps. There might not be any speed constraints whatsoever! Likewise, 5G will also open doors of betterment for the latest trends like Augmented Reality and 3D Gaming.

  1. Augmented Reality will be a Hit

In the year 2019, Augmented Reality is going to be revolutionized in mobile applications.

Brands like Apple and Google are showing us how enthralling AR demos look on iPhone X and iPhone 8. As Apple’s ARKit 2 hit the floors, mobile app developers will now be stirred to make AR apps.

For example, Interior Designers with their very own mobile apps can ask customers to send in the images of their property. With AR, the app can then provide a preview of how the property can be upgraded by the designers, based on their requirements.

  1. Chatbots have to prevail

Chatbots might greatly prevail in the year 2019, as we see it on most applications today.

Chatbots can be integrated into mobile apps to act as a personal assistant for the visitor. They help you provide excellent customer service inside the mobile application and also serves as a great means to connect with customers.

  1. IoT won’t be just another tech word

2019 might see growth in mobile apps driven on IoT system.

Let’s take smartphones, for example, previously you would only listen to a song stored in the memory of your phone. But today, you can listen to just about any song with help of music apps that stream various songs on your phone.

Today, IoT is about interconnected smart devices. And, Businesses have recognized the potential of IoT systems.

Today, we can control robot vacuum cleaners through mobile apps and Smart Voice assistants. Smart devices interconnected with the help of sensors and software can send and receive info within themselves. Such mobile apps tend to reduce expenses and also speed up operations. IoT offers a wide range of opportunities for mobile apps that run on this notion.

With more and more IoT devices, you are sure to see feature-rich mobile apps in the year 2019.

  1. Growth of Instant Apps

Instant Apps are native mobile applications that you don’t need to download on your phone. As they are small in size, they do not consume memory on your phone. These apps offer basic functionalities of a website and deliver amazing user experience overall.

2019 will certainly witness more and more instant apps coming up.

  1. Hybrid vs. Native App Development

There’s the very famous showdown- native app development or build a hybrid app? The debate regarding which path should mobile app developers choose is going on for a while now.

But we all know, native app development will continue to outshine hybrid apps, even in 2019 regardless of the fact that hybrid app development is enhancing rapidly.

Why native app development is still dominant?

Mainly because, Apple and Google continue to add “native-only” features to their respective OS. Secondly, hybrid app frameworks seem to have low technical entry and thereby are quite difficult to maintain as time passes by. Hybrid apps compromise with user experience since the products are for multiple platforms and not customized for a specific platform.

Native mobile apps are optimized for a single platform and hence are faster, deliver exceptional user experience and are responsive.

In 2019, it will be interesting to see how this face-off between native app development and hybrid app development turns out to be.

Final Words

New mobile app development trends will keep on evolving and change the way we work. Above mentioned technologies are highly capable of revolutionizing how mobile apps operate and connect with users.