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Key Benefits of Mobile apps for eCommerce Businesses

It’s a known fact that creating a mobile app for your eCommerce business can reap loads of benefits! Today mobile eCommerce apps are dominating the market due to the sole reason of them being more convenient and effective than eCommerce websites.

Mobile eCommerce apps will not only increase your sales, but also help you strengthen your customer base and build strong brand value.

As per Statista, by 2020, number of smartphone users across the globe will reach up to 2.87 billion. This alone tells us the how mobile devices can reinforce eCommerce development to a great extent.

Here are few remarkable benefits of mobile apps for your eCommerce business:

  1. Boost Customer Loyalty

Users who download your mobile app are likely to invest in your brand, whereas site visitors are mostly just browsing the store. Also, users tend to spend 3 to 4 hours more on mobile apps intentionally as compared to sites.

Below given are few ways you can boost customer retention and increase customer loyalty through mobile apps:

  • Personalized experience: Use personal details that your customers provide in the app and use it to your full advantage. Offer prioritized features and tailored suggestions to specific customers based on their purchase history.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications will notify your clients about special offers, sales or items that are back in stock. Create friendly notifications and address your customers by their name to connect with them.
  • Exclusive offers: Provide exclusive offers that are only accessible to mobile app users- such as special prices and exciting deals for app users. This will instigate site users to download your app, thereby boosting conversions.
  • Rewards: Create loyalty program right in mobile apps and motivate customers to come back. This can be done by offering redeemable points, early access to new collection or bonuses for future purchases.
  • Solid Customer Support: Provide advanced support to your app users via chat bots or live chat to establish communication with customers in an instant.
  1. Enhanced UX

Mobile app development for your eCommerce site allows smarter, faster and secure payments by seamlessly integrating digital wallets. AR app development also plays a vital role in enhancing the shopping experiences of users. This in turn leads to strong relationships with clients and boosts customer retention and sales over time.

Also, mobile apps have restricted layout with no unnecessary distractions, which enhances user experience notably.

  1. Geo-targeted offers

Using location-based technologies in mobile apps will let you deliver relevant offers to a shopper, based on their geographical location. This fuels customer satisfaction and your brand can build long-term relationships with customers.

  1. Greater Reach and High Visibility to Target Audience

Ecommerce store development is evolving rapidly due to evident growth of mobile applications. These apps will greatly increase the visibility and reach of your eCommerce store, as there large number of smartphone users worldwide.

Mobile app acts as a branding tool which businesses can use to build brand recognition and reach target audience in lesser time.

  1. Reduced Response Time

Mobile apps take less time to complete any action as compared to websites, since apps tend to store data partially in the smartphone itself. Which is why, data transmission between mobile app and server is comparatively lesser. Hence, this allows mobile apps to retrieve HD images and heavy animations quicker, making apps look more bright and advanced.

  1. Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile apps serve as an important marketing channel, whilst being a major selling touch point. Unlike websites, you can effectively get in touch with your app users even when they are not accessing your eCommerce store.

  1. Access Inbuilt Features of Smartphones

Only mobile apps will let you use smartphone’s inbuilt features to your advantage. Integrating the features with your app will simplify app navigation and boost engagements.

  • GPS: Geotag customer addresses and discard the need to manually enter shipping addresses. You can also help customers to find your physical store (if any) through GPS.
  • Mic: Microphone will allow customers to carry out ‘Voice Search’ on your mobile app.
  • Camera: camera feature allows customers to upload pictures of their purchased items via apps. This will increase brand value and boost chances of sales.

To Sum Up

Evolution of eCommerce mobile apps have greatly accelerated customer engagements and sales. These apps are more user-friendly, accessible, simple and secure as compared to websites.

Business owners should definitely invest in mobile app development in order to serve growing technological demands of the market. This in turn will hike up their brand exposure and customer retention.