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Vital Role of Product Videos for Your E-Commerce Business

Role of Product Videos for Your E-Commerce Business

Creating good-quality product videos for your eCommerce store can be quite overwhelming due to the expenses and equipment involved.

But in today’s world, product video marketing concept has definitely skyrocketed and is worth investing in because of the results it drives!

Statistics reveal that 90% customers think product video helps them make better decisions for online purchase, whilst 64% users are more likely to buy a product with video representation.

Let’s take a quick peek at why a product video is vital for your eCommerce store:

What is a Product Video?

Product video is a virtual representation of products’ features and how it looks when in action.

It is a proven fact that visitors engage more with product videos, as it boosts their confidence in your brand. They’d rather watch a video than read product descriptions.

Purpose of a product video

Core purpose of creating a product video is to put life in your product.

  • It helps site visitors understand your product and its value better with descriptive information.
  • Product video is meant to increase AOV (Average Order Value) per customer, thereby generating high revenues for retailers.
  • It also intends to attract visitors by representing valuable content that fulfills their expectations.

For example, we see Zappos using product demo videos to boost their business growth. This strategy has increased their sales by nearly 6% to 30%.

Where to use a product video?

  • You can embed product videos directly into your site’s product pages
  • Showcase your product videos on multiple social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram through Paid advertising.
  • Brands can also integrate product videos into their welcome series email to introduce their brand and best sellers to customers.

What can Product Videos do for your store?

Product videos create a whole new dimension to your eCommerce shopping experience. Visitors can view products from different angles whilst in action, understand how it works and see it in a context.

Shoppers can quickly differentiate between different product models and brands, thereby making faster decisions. 52% shoppers feel more confident to place an order after watching product videos.

Here are few things that product videos can do for your eCommerce store:

  • Visitors stay longer on your site as they watch product videos, thereby increasing session time.
  • 60% visitors will choose to watch product video before reading any description.
  • Those who watch product videos are 1.8 times more likely to place an order than those who don’t.
  • ‘Add-to-Cart’ conversion rates are seen to increase by nearly 37% due to product videos.
  • Lastly, shoppers are likely to return to an eCommerce store that includes product videos in their pages.

Types of Product Videos That Work Well for eCommerce

  • Tutorials (How to Videos): Product tutorial teaches audience how to use the product, how it works and what is the best way to use it. It’s a great tool for product marketing.
  • Product-In-Use Videos: It appeals customers as they can see what to expect from the product and how it performs virtually. For example, the ‘Glory Cycles’ videos give in-depth information to customers, showcase product in action and has created a strong impact on viewers with more than 36K views on YouTube.
  • Unboxing videos: Visitors get to see the packaging of the product, how to unwrap it and visualize their purchase. Hilarious ‘Man Crates’ video not only shows unboxing experience but also entertains viewers with product demo and brand’s enthusiastic spirit. And all of this is done under 30 seconds!
  • Installation Video: It instructs your customers on how to install or set up a product.
  • Story Video: It explains story and intention behind creating a product, how you’ve made it and benefit that the product brings. Just like ‘Raspberry Pi’ video where the founder explains the story behind their company and power of relatability & transparency.

How eCommerce Videos Increase Sales?

Google gets nearly 3.5 billion searches per day, out of which videos appear in about 14%. Meaning, if you incorporate product videos, your product is 14% likely to show up in millions of searches every day.

Not just that, high-quality product videos also increase brand value, thereby boosting conversions and sales. Product video on a single product page is known to drive 37% more ‘add-to-cart’ conversions than pages that don’t.


Product video is one of the most powerful and trending form of content that is here to stay! Today’s digital world demands transparency, virtual representation and quality from eCommerce businesses. And, a video delivers exactly that!

Product video is an ideal approach to showcase your product in action whilst providing all the necessary information to viewers. Help your customers stick to your eCommerce store by implementing these eCommerce development potential practices!