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Top Influential Takeaways to Prevail Ecommerce in 2018 & Beyond

The growth of ecommerce industry is booming and this industry is majestic since 2017. According to a Statista reports in 2017, ecommerce industry reached around $2.3 trillion and is expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021. Highly inventive trends are on their way in ecommerce industry and we need to adhere those if we want to grab this competitive market, which is steadily changing.

Simultaneously,  It is also essential to fetch a website that following up the latest trends. This assist in creating quality sites and as a brand which in turn attracts the target audience. Let’s discuss some incredible ecommerce trends that are just around the corner that will dominate the sector.

  • Better UX/UI to Enhance Ecommerce Utility

These days, the prime factor that offers verge to any business is to cater a better and more evolved user experience. Here is how good design schemas to your store lead to better user experience:

  • Design Feeling
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Animated
  • Simpler Navigation
  • Unique and Innovative Colours
  • Content focused design
  • Gradient & Illustration
  • Typography

All these UX/UI trends traits a higher performance engagement of the visitors with the websites.

  • Omni-Channel Platform

Omnichannel influences multi-channel sales approach to provide unified shopping experience to the the customers. For example, the customer can shop online either from a mobile device, desktop, or in a brick-and-mortar store. That means you’ll assure your customers secure the same engagement, experience, and support across the  different devices and channels. However, omnichannel (customer engagement channels) can help you to eliminate multi-channel limitations such as:

  • Serve your customers wherever they are
  • Receive exclusive customer insights
  • Increase an in-store shopping experience
  • Real-time customer engagement
  • Improves customer support & services

Every featured brand expect to grasp these marketing strategies which may  results in customer satisfaction, generate enough conversions, and increase business revenues.

  • Messenger Apps and Chatbots Augments Businesses

Messenger chatbot is a straightaway  & ultra fast interface between lot of customers, instantly.

It helps ecommerce businesses to improve the customer experience and eventually their performance. There are five possible correct use of Messenger chatbots that ecommerce businesses can benefit from:

  • Shipping information
  • Remarketing
  • Send Mass Messages
  • Cart Recovery etc.
  • Data & Analytics are Sharper than Ever

Nowadays ecommerce industry is one of the rising industry among the those which are evolving dynamically because of its underlying ever-changing technology. Businesses like Amazon, Walmart are efficient in building predictive algorithms that are executed in real time on big data environment.

To improve decision making, marketing efficiencies and operational influence, advanced analytics is the latest weapon which helps to comprehend, anticipate and influence consumer’s behavior. Below are some functions that are supported by Analytics in E-Commerce Industry:

  • Supply chain analytics
  • Web / eCommerce analytics
  • Customer and marketing analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Fraud analytics
  • Record tracking
  • Mobile Usage

Today, mobile apps are widely used for businesses and over mobile websites. Mobile apps majorly are dominated by gaming, entertainment & ecommerce industries. One of marketing resource from think with Google stated that “In a day, people check their phones 150 times and on an average of three hours they spend around on mobile apps. Moreover, 70% of brands are complying their business to the grow in mobile usage.”

Here are some reasons why users prefer mobile apps and  mobile websites are replaced by mobile apps:

  • Apps are dedicated.
  • Apps can easily avail the device features.
  • Some apps can be used offline.
  • Apps load quickly.
  • Apps are easier to navigate.

As proof, likewise more than 50% of the ecommerce sales are found to be made on mobile platforms; and it is expected to grow up in the upcoming years, which will impact significantly on the ecommerce or other online businesses.

  • Adoption of Automation

Automation is the best solution when it comer to ecommerce for the time-consuming tasks that typically overfills a day of an online seller. Logically, automation moves one business systems data into another which eliminates the manual data entry tasks and ultimately saves your time and money.

Here check out ways you can use automation in your ecommerce business that improves your productivity and efficiency, which translates into more focus on growing your business.

  • Automate order processing.
  • Automate tracking of revenue and expenses.
  • Automate bookkeeping and accounting data entry.
  • Voice Searches & Assistance

Over the last few years, the use of mobile voice based devices or mobile services like Siri or Google Voice or Google assistants raised highly. Comscore(American media measurement and analytics company) predicted that 50 percent of all searches, not just mobile to be voice-based by 2020. While searching an information over the internet, more mobile users are taking benefits of the availability of voice search.

Let’s have a look on some ways where your business can ensure that voice searches are occupying your website’s content in Google digitally.

  • Update the Keyword Strategy
  • Prepare the Content Pages Appropriately
  • Get your Website HTTPS-Secured
  • Occupy the Featured Snippet in Search Indexing
  • Increase Domain Authority

Bottom Line:

Whatever the strategy you’ll pursue for your ecommerce business in 2018 or beyond make sure you test your experience at all times. We cannot assure these are the only pathbreaking trends that revamp ecommerce industry in 2018. We persuade these trends will play a vital role in shaping ecommerce business and will achieve more reach for us and opens more options for our customers.

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