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Ensuring long lasting success for your mobile application development

Whether you are developer or entrepreneur, the very first thought that come in your mind during the mobile app launch is that your app should be ranked among the leading apps. Well, serious thoughts to adopt simple steps which can easily prevent your mobile application development efforts from going waste. This particular blog post will help you get familiar with few tips which are must -follow for ensuring the long lasting success for your mobile application.

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Top 10 must-follow list for mobile application development.

1. Application target users for your App

An app should always be developed keeping in mind the target users of an application. Having a clear vision regarding the target group, enhance the success ratio of an app. For mobile application development there are three fundamental tricks for understanding your users – Personas, User Scenarios and Experience maps.

2. Pay attention to the visual appearance in your Android Development and iOS  development:

Well, only few minutes spent on your app will determine whether the user would download and install your app into his device. Apart from functionality, it is apps
designing and appearance which prompts the user to choose your app for meeting his/her requirements. So it is crucial to ensure the “wow” factor in the visual appearance.

3. Mobile platforms and devices to be supported:

Mobile platforms and devices should be selected keeping in mind hardware performance, battery life, ruggedness and required peripherals. In mobile application development certain factors that needs to be considered while selecting mobile platforms and devices includes coverage, device support, performance and other features.

4. Revenue model for your

Android and iOS app market is booming like never before.  To ensure this resource  and generate revenue , app developer need  to select appropriate approach in
accordance with the app. There are different models of generating revenue from mobile applications which include paid applications, separate app and in-app freemiums,
advertisements, subscription and pay per download. These techniques can be employed to generate revenue. However, the developer’s approach has to be in accordance with the application. It is highly essential for the developer to attract the user and spend money on the various aspects of the application.

5. Opt for good viral mechanism into apps functionality :

You can easily equip your applications core functionality with suitable viral mechanism. For example adding Instagram support and Whats App for your app will enable
gathering of new users.

6. Start Marketing your app before launching it in the mobile app market place:

All successful apps are being promoted why before they launch. You can figure our marketing plan for prelaunch campaign, launch campaign and post launch campaign.
You should use stunning screenshots of your app within the description displayed for the chosen app store.

7. Sticking to the basics will work for your Android Development and iOS mobile application.

Instead of rendering complicated and unnecessary functionality, it is recommended to offer a simple, basic functionality within your mobile app. Fortunately majority of mobile application development platforms offer a wide range of tools, themes and templates etc. that can be utilized for converting your ideas into reality. User always prefers apps which come with simple interface.

8. Collect user reviews for your app way before launching it.

Collecting users’ feedback for your app is great idea for receiving useful insights on overall improvement of the application. You can invite your friends, colleagues to test the functionality of your app so can you can collect their feedback for being able to make changes. This way you can deliver full tested Android App Development and iPhone app development.

9. Plan out proper strategy for app distribution :

It is better to be strategic about choosing the perfect combination of distribution channels that would best for your targeted customers. Additionally you can generate press coverage for your app around the time of its launch. Getting positive promotion through the media can fetch you good results. Some other plans may work like running contests, choosing the best PR tools.

10. Pay attention to the Security and privacy of targeted customers:

Don’t forget that privacy is a serious concern among app users. Customer avoids downloading an app which doesn’t come with good safety features and privacy policies.
Particularly, apps involving financial transactions need to have highest level of security compare to entertainment apps. So pay full attention to the security and privacy aspects while developing Android and iPhone App.