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Importance of Content Marketing Strategy for e-commerce

Content Marketing is defined as managing content to achieve marketing goals of reaching, converting and engaging target audiences”.

An overview to Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketers focus on ways to engage an audience with the help of content and, thereby, encourage profitable behavior. Research shows that marketing with content costs you about 62% less than traditional marketing. Content marketing, however, requires a strategic approach to succeed. Content marketing strategy considers the various methods in which content marketing can be used across the customer life cycle and customer experience. Other marketing, customer and sales strategies also play an important role in this process. Supporting customer acquisition, retention and growth is a vital aspect of Content Marketing Strategy.

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Who should use Content Marketing Strategy?

Generating traffic, conversion optimization, event marketing, lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, and customer service are some areas that can be enhanced with the help of better content utilization and marketing ideas. Bloggers, business owners, Social/Marketing managers, e-commerce sites and affiliate marketers are some people who should have a Content Marketing Strategy. A company’s Content Marketing Strategy should align with its organizational goals. In fact, it is aimed at realizing several marketing and organizational goals.

Why have a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is a necessity in today’s competitive world. Activities like blogging, social media posts, links and SEO techniques can help a company generate revenue and build a good customer base. The content should be reliable and credible to retain customers in the long run.

A Content Marketing Strategy helps to:
 Increase brand awareness in the key market
 Drive referral traffic back to your website
 Encourage readers to important landing pages
 Increase customers

Better content management leads to better information on your site that attracts customers. It also helps you get better visibility in different search engines. You will also notice more referral traffic as your content management strategy matures and starts showing results. Increased conversion is another advantage if your approach is right. Decreased costs and effort are added benefits of a well-planned content marketing strategy.

How is it used?

Companies that do not have a content marketing strategy are losing a great chance to plan, manage and improvise on their content marketing. A logical and reasonable marketing plan can be used in various ways, doing away with the need for separate plans for other digital marketing activities.

Common components of a content marketing program are:
• social media networks
• visual content
• apps
• blogs
• e-books
• webinars

The Content Marketing Strategy process

The process for creating a content marketing strategy varies widely from company to company. Some pointers are given in this section.

• Work on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Some KPIs include guest comments, page views, bounce rate, keyword ranking, and time spent on a page.
• Measure correctly – Capture the right metrics to save time and effort.
• Create an editorial calendar or storyboard – Build a plan that shows the content you will create on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
• Provide trustworthy and reliable content – All data on your site should be accurate and correct to build trust.
• Hire skilled writers and designers – Writers and Graphic Designers with experience make all the difference.
• Get regular internal feedback – This is required to gain insights and understand how your content marketing work is helping other employees reach their business goals.
• Documentation – Record and document your strategy. This will help you plan for the future and make your strategy effective.

A good content management strategy leads to a higher domain authority over a period of time due to the quality of your site’s content and its visibility. With rapid shifts in marketing trends, a well-designed and dynamic content marketing strategy will surely cinch the deal for you.