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How to 4X the Results from Your eCommerce Store?

Wondering how to make your eCommerce store more profitable? Don’t know which store framework is best for you?

When it comes to frame development, eCommerce store owners might get a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and features. With our expertise in the framework for eCommerce development, we have elucidated how to 4X the results from your eCommerce store.

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly in the IT industry, so every eCommerce web development company needs to grab this opportunity and embrace new technologies to create an attractive e-store.

Now, there are many frameworks out there, out of which only a few are managing to really outshine. Before we begin, let’s learn a few things about eCommerce frameworks.

What is eCommerce framework?

Ecommerce framework is just like any other software framework, used for eCommerce store development. Frameworks offer various features to develop a custom e-store in all categories or web application.

Top 4 Best Frameworks for Ecommerce Development are:

  1. Shopify

Shopify is the most popular framework designed for eCommerce development. As the name suggests, this framework is intended for developing custom e-stores. Shopify- a self-hosted, SaaS platform allows for quick website development and gets your e-store up and running in no time. It is the best choice for beginners having very few product variants, and it requires no technical knowledge!

Built upon Ruby on Rails framework, it is quite easy to customize and deploy. It uses ‘Liquid’ as its templating HTML language for themes.

  • WooCommerce

WooCommerce is ideal for e-stores that already have a website. It is a plugin that is compatible with WordPress and helps you transform your website into an e-store. Since it’s an open-source platform, the customization possibilities are limitless. It certainly is “world’s most customizable eCommerce platform”.

It provides exceptional UI and UX.

  • Magento

We all know about the very popular Magento. It is an open-source, PHP framework based upon MVC (Model-View-Controller) to provide high security. Latest version viz. Magento 2 was recently launched, which is more speedy and responsive than the previous one and has a feature-packed dashboard.

Magento offers a wide range of features, ideal for sophisticated stores with larger catalog sizes. The biggest advantage of Magento is the strong support provided by a large community of developers.

Magento 2.0 is admin-friendly and features enhanced directory structure.

  • BigCommerce

BigCommerce is ideal for advanced developers, as the terminology is a bit difficult to understand. It has a split editor and is packed with powerful features.

‘Store Design’- its new merchandising tool allows you to edit your storefront easily on-screen. This makes overall customization easier for beginners.

Apart from this, BigCommerce also features multichannel selling and a powerful inventory.

Tips to get 4X results from your eCommerce store:

  • Secure payment method

Provide secure payment gateways for users to build a trustworthy web portal. If your payment methods often get interrupted or do not feel secure, you are likely to face high bounce rates. Also, focus on keeping your checkout process easier.

  • Responsive web design

The profitable eCommerce store is the one that is responsive and attractive. Offering exceptional UI and UX experiences are key factors here. BonzerTech will help you get the best results when it comes to intuitive eCommerce web design.

  • Best Copywriting

Attractive copywriting can drive traffic to your website and instigate conversions. With copywriting tools, you can create appealing headings, killer product descriptions with proper Font & Rich content.

“Buy now or regret later”, “We will pay your shipping”, “Free Exchange, No worries” are few of the best examples of good copywriting instead of repetitive boring lines like “East Returns”, “Free Shipping”, etc.

  • Choosing a template that sells

You can find myriads of free and paid templates on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. With these templates, you can effectively customize the functions, appearance, and feel of your e-store.

  • Great search experience

Customers who use the search option on eCommerce sites are 2 to 4 times more likely to make a purchase than users who use only navigation buttons. So, make sure to choose a theme that keeps your search bar at the top of the page.

  • Quick View/Quick Shop buttons

‘Quick View’ buttons on category or search pages provide excellent store experience by simplifying the process of viewing products. Whereas, ‘Quick Shop’ window will increase your rate of cart additions.

  • Creating Product Pages Easily

Adding a variety of products and product pages to the e-store must be a simple process. Shopify provides various fields to fill up that are straightforward, making it easier to add products or product pages to your store.

  • Adding plugins

Platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce provide several customization options along with standard plugins.

 Adding thoughtful plug-ins to your online store can drive sales if done right.

 Review plug-ins are a great way to gather and display UGC (User-Generated Content) on your website. As one positive product review is known to increase sales by 10%.

 You can even add other significant plug-ins like Shopping cart plug-ins, Wishlist plug-ins, Live Chat plug-ins, etc. to uplift entire UX.

  • Appealing Landing Pages

Appealing landing pages can boost your ROI with their catchy copywriting and texts. This marketing tool can be used for your contact page, custom services page or even about us page. Here all your leads generated from the marketing campaigns will land on one page.

Wrap Up

For attractive and profitable eCommerce store development, go for best eCommerce development company like Bonzer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We can transform your dream into a successful eCommerce store with bespoke solutions.