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Web Development Trends That Will Dominate the Market in 2019

A recent study reveals that there are over 200 million active websites pooling around on the internet today.

If you’re thinking to launch your own website or completely transform your current website, here are few web development trends that will open doors of innovative opportunities for you.

A website needs to be up-to-date with modern trends and techniques in order to stay ahead of the game and keep up with increasing competition. With commencement of 2019, it is high time we take a quick peek at latest web development trends!

Let’s begin:

  1. Say Hello to Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are mainly built upon HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PWAs provide similar UX (user experience) as that of mobile apps, only difference is that these web apps run on browser itself; you don’t need to install them on devices. It’s like getting the best of native apps and mobile sites.

Progressive Web Apps are designed to adapt to different platforms & almost all smart devices and offer native-like user experience. Website development companies have to put in a lot of effort into developing PWAs.

Smart features integrated into PWAs offer impeccable and seamless user experience to visitors and boost engagement. Other benefits of PWAs include improved security, better conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction. We can expect to witness some of the fastest, reliable and user-friendly Progressive Web Apps in 2019.

 Single-Page Websites are in Trend!

Speed and convenience are two must-have features in a website today. Organizations are getting rid of traditional homepages and are embracing other modern access points. ‘Single-page website’ is one such innovative concept where users can find all the information on single page effortlessly, without having to go through complex site navigations or deep menus.

  1. Illustrations

Illustrations still continue to dominate the marketing and product design fields. Web developers need to bring in the notion of “minimalistic design, better website- but with illustrations”.

‘Illustrations’ is a powerful tool that can allure diverse audience by letting designers create eye-catchy digital products. In short, illustrations give life to your intellectual concepts. And, that’s something really to look forward to in 2019!

  1. Not just Longreads- Multimedia Longreads!

Gone are the days when a web page used to be all about lengthy text accompanied with few images. In today’s modernized world, longreads is all about visualization- pictures, text, icons, animations, all combined together!

The idea is to convey your message in simple and short text with the hint of multimedia. This way, users can browse without losing interest and actually catch on important points!

  1. Including new figures and forms

Website’s interface has greatly evolved from being sharp-edged & aggressive to being more pleasant and attractive today. Similarly, web developers can hone up their creativity and include diverse figures, forms and directions in their websites with different color combinations to appeal audience.

  1. Creative Typography

Typography is an outstanding concept known to attract audience in an effective way. In the past, we could only find simple sans-serif fonts on websites. But this year, digital typography is expected to be renewed with new fonts and typefaces to attract users with your text content!

  1. Chatbots are here to stay!

Empowering customer support with a chatbot is the hottest trend today! Chatbots have the ability to seamlessly address customer requests and provide 24/7 customer assistance.

  1. Technologies for web application development

Latest technologies allow us to meet market demands effectively and keep up with intense competition. One such top-notch and popular technology has to be PHP framework.

A PHP framework acts as a basic platform where entire process of web app development can be streamlined. Basically, PHP framework makes development process even faster. No doubt, PHP frameworks will dominate the market even in 2019.

  • Laravel

Laravel is the most prominent and widely used open-source PHP framework today, designed to rapidly build applications with the help of MVC architecture. It comes all-included with myriads of laravel-specific packages, amazing ORM, view template engine, unit testing, seamless routing, simple authentication, caching, quick data migration and powerful queue library. Laravel can securely handle complex web apps (small as well as large), that too at a faster pace.

You can easily add packages using built-in, robust Composer in Laravel. Extensive documentation of Laravel makes it easier for pro web artisans as well as beginners to get started with it.

  • Symfony

Symfony is another well-documented, extremely stable, modular and high performance PHP MVC framework used to design large-scale websites. It features large reusable libraries, integrates with other vendor libraries and allows easy configuration, authentication and security. All in all, Symfony is known to speed up the development process of web apps and also allows for easy maintenance. No need of repetitive coding!

As per GitHub and Google trends, two most popular PHP frameworks today are Laravel with 50k stars and Symfony with around 20k stars.


Website development trends and technologies are sprouting at a faster pace. Field of web development will continue to change with future trends in order to meet escalating market demands. So, to stay ahead of the game it is better to enforce new trends into your web development process and yield better results!